Range RC Max. 180Km (With TX 500mW) Telemetry Range Max. 180Km (With TX 500mW) GPS 10Hz Dual Band 866-960Mhz (ADD-ON) DES/AES Encrypting Radio Locator + GPS Video Receiver 2.4Ghz
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Radio 5G XLRS_D2
SEARCH SYSTEM, RADIOBEACONS. News radio beacons XRDB4G, to locate and find RC models as: Airplanes, Helicopters, Multirotors, Cuadracopters, UAV’S… You can use the XPAD2xx as search terminal. VIDEOS YOUTUBE CHANNEL. MXLRSD2SP. Ground Station XLRS_D2. XPAD2-MINIJOY. Start up. RECOVERY_RC. Search example. Subscribe to our channel to follow all the news - XLRS_D2 videos.
eXtended Long Range System D2
Welcome to the latest radio control professional long range.
XLRS professional system
Professional system of Long Range ideal for their projects. Is the 3rd generation of Long Range Systems professional of DMD and one of the best systems Long Range Radio Control with integrated video. Radio Control Ranges from 20 to 200Km or more, depending of the XLRS serie (D2, D3 or D4) and of the characteristics of the RC model and antennas that will be used. The XLRS system works in the ISM band (Industrial Scientific and Medical) of 866Mhz (Europe) and 960Mhz (America) for Radio Control Long Range and analog Video System uses 2.4Ghz. It can be used for all types of models: RPAS, VANT, UAVS, UUV, UGV, ROV, USV, ASV, Aircraft, Helicopters, Cars, Boats, etc.
DMDStudio Software
DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY: Unique system, modern, robust and secure. Structure methacrylate high impact. Designed for professional use. MODULAR: The system can be extended with additional sensors and future           systems connecting the communication port RCBus. CUSTOM SYSTEMS: Adaptable to your need or requirements. Developed for all types of professional projects. Development I+D customized. COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with most standard autopilots from the market. Direct connection through SPPM or CPPM. MAVLink protocol. Compatibles MAVLINK autopilots and controllers compatibles: NAZA,           Wookong, Pixhawk, MFD V2, Mini APM, SmartAP, AutoQuad, etc…  Compatible software MAVLINK: Mission planner, QGroundControl, etc... Compatibility with industrial systems and sensors DMD. CONNECTIVITY (IoT): Smart Antennas Ethernet (Repeaters).  Programmable Logic Controller (XPLC).  CONFIGURABLE: Direct commands ACL (Alpha Command Language) with           DMDStudio. Configuration XLRS system in flight, it also can assign buttons and           encoders to their mixers. UPGRADEABLE: Upgradeable firmware through PC by RCBus with BOOTADMD.
DMDStudio: Configuration and utilities software for XLRS_D2 system. Works on-line with all XLRS_D2 devices. Compatible with commands ACL. Manual DMDStudio online. With DMDStudio, you can configure the general parameters of the radio, internal parameters of each module and update. This software is auto adaptable to each DMD product, this means when you connect a device, the software automatically detects and activates only the parameters required for device configuration. So, for future products will always use the same tool. You can open multiple instances and have a real time communication of the various modules via radio. More information about DMDStudio, click here.
Products and Professional Services
PRODUCTS: o TRANSMITTERS / RC STATIONS: XPAD2, XPAD2-MINIJOY, XPAD2-RCJOY. o RECEIVERS: RXD2L, RXD2SL, RXD2SH. o OSD’S (On Screen Display): XVOSD2. o BASE STATIONS CUSTOM: MXLRSD2SP, MXLRSD2D. o MODULES: XCHARGERD2, XGPS. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: o Joint development of your project. o Adaptation XLRS_D2 system of your RC model/project. o Mounting RC models: Dron, Airplane, Ground Vehicles and others. o Training XLRS_D2 system. o Personalized Technical Service. o On-line Technical Support (Skype). More information about Products and Services, click here.
XLRS_D2 SYSTEM, MAVLINK PROTOCOL COMPATIBLE. News receivers RXD2SL and RXD2SH radio control of long           range with output SPPM to direct connection to autopilot.           Radio modem MAVLINK integrated. With these receivers will not need additional radio modem for the autopilot that use MAVLINK protocol. Compatible with autopilots that use MAVLINK protocol as: Pixhawk, MFD V2, Mini APM, SmartAP, AutoQuad, etc…  New firmware XPAD2_V130bxx for the transmitters XPAD2, XPAD2-MINIJOY and XPAD2-RCJOY with output USB-MAVLINK for software type: Mission planner, QGroundControl, etc... Connect the USB of XPAD2 to your PC or Tabet and you can use software compatible MAVLINK. To see all news and more detailed information about the XLRS system, access the Wiki DMD. (You can translate the Wiki DMD into any language using the translator that is in the left column).
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